Saturday, January 7, 2012

Advanced Clock Widget Pro

Small (<100kb), fully configurable and extremely battery efficient **WIDGET** with:
- Digital clock
- Customizable fonts and colors (for transparent bg set alpha to 0!)
- Multiple layout templates
- Battery status (with time remaining)
- Network operator / WiFi network name
- World clock with timezone support (just add multiple widget and set manually weather/location in the options)
- Current location, date and uptime
- Current and tomorrow weather
- Next alarm
and more...

Again, this is a *WIDGET*! Long press on your home screen to add it, stop giving "1 star" saying that it does not open!

- If you like the widget -> RATE IT!
- If you have problems -> SEND ME AN EMAIL!
- I cannot answer comments -> SEND ME AN EMAIL!
- Exclude this from your task killer if you have one
- DO NOT move to SD! Widgets are not working on SD (they will disappear at reboot!)

Try free version first! This version has configurable tap to launch feature for clock hours/minutes (2 different actions, PLEASE be patient when you configure it, list MAY TAKE A WHILE TO LOAD if you have many apps installed), settings save/restore and custom text areas.

Coming on next releases (stay tuned!):
- More templates
- 2x1 sizes

WANT TO OVERLAP LIKE SCREENSHOT? Select template "left right" then text settings and increase "big font size" to more than 80 pixels. The clock will overlap. You then need to change clock colors to obtain the look of the preview.

Recent changes:
- Small fixes
- Added HIGH/LOW temp for current day
- Sunrise/Sunset now uses current locale
- If time is wrong you MIGHT NEED TO SET LOCATION AGAIN!
[0.702] (sorry for such a short update period)
- Fixed shadow/reflection inversion
- New template with overlapped clock (beta)
- Better classic template (text can overlap clock now)
- First configuration lock support (beta)
- Probably fixed "update" issues on some phones

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