Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fake-Call Me Pro - President

Fake-Call Me Pro - President

Get out of awkward situation by giving yourself a fake-call! Be free.

Get out of awkward situations by giving yourself a fake-call.
  • Special USA presidential election time-limited update: Have Barack obama, Mitt Romney call you for voting support( when you are waiting inline to vote)
  • Happy Halloween! The app includes all new scaring pre-recorded voice audio files! You can schedule multiple fake-calls from devils, evils or whatever. Like a scripted soundboard, the conversation is scripted to scare your friends!
  • The in-call voices can be setup via the setting screen under "menu".
  • the app is renamed to FCM Pro once it's installed. Use back button to end call
  • Spoof,Prank
  • pick contact from phone book as fake caller
  • customize ringtone & vibration-alarm clock
  • add fake call to call log
  • play pre-recorded voice when call is answered
  • shortcut for quick fake-calling(the widget has been replaced with a shortcut). You can use guesture on home screen to trigger a fake call if you use home application such as Go Launcher Ex that supports using guesture to invoke a shortcut. See http://blog.mobileappbuilder.com/post/9270653909/howto-initiate-a-fake-call-with-a-swipe-of-finger-on for instruction
  • can schedule fake call on a particular time(some users have used it as an alarm)
  • If your phone runs Android 2.2 or above: install the app to SD-card if SD-card is available; allow moving the app to SD-card. Note that if while you copy files between SD-card and your computer, the app cannot be run, and your already-scheduled fake-calls will not work.

There's no adware/malware on this app. The app requires the read/write contact permissions as it lets you pick contact from address book as a fake caller and add fake calls to your call history of your phone. It DOESN'T send any contact info to anyone. The app asks for "COARSE (NETWORK-BASED) LOCATION" as we want to know roughly which part of the world you are in so that we can better localize our app. It also askes for permission to use bluetooth as the permission is required for playing back audio.

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Thanks to : I'spasi Punk & Mr. Link Android

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